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An article in “CHANGE”, Oct. 1981 states that Rita Ricardo “helped form Reagans pondering on social security and national health insurance”, each of that are applied as taxation on the workers income. The company faces entrenched competition from Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc, CVS Health Corp, Walmart Inc, Rite Aid Corp RAD.N, Kroger Co KR.N and others. Hoover was capable of call upon Gen. Pershing to supply a whole bunch of Military officers to assist him in his quest. House was busily developing a increase at Austin, Texas for Hoover as President, with the aid of some British pals. And so, I’m proud of what we did, and I know lots of them, I’m buddies with a lot of people with non-public equity offers which have been platform companies and I do know they really feel the identical manner I do. Rockefeller, 1959-64, Ambassador to Uganda 1970-72; Lane Kirkland, president of CIO, also on board of Brookings, Rockefeller Foundation CFR; George Cabot Lodge, son of Henry Cabot Lodge; Barbara Warne Newell, president of Wellesley College, ambassador to UNESCO Paris 1979-81-her father was Colston Warne, founding father of the consumer movement within the U.S., organized Consumers Union 1936 on clearly defined Marxist objectives (the elimination of private manufacturers replaced by “cooperative” brands, supported by radical journalists, trade unionists and academicians); Consumers Union was organized by Warne, Arthur Kallet, Dewcy Palmer, Frank Palmer, an organizer with the IWW, James Gilman, Julius Hochman, Adelaide Schulkind.

After Consumers Union staff threatend to go on strike “they reluctantly decided to pay salaries ‘aggressive with capitalist organizations”; Colston Warne was with the Federal Reserve Bank of N.Y. Warne wrote his thesis concerning the “cooperative” movement for Paul Douglas at the University of Chicago. To maintain Germany within the struggle, Paul Warburg, head of the Federal Reserve System, hastily organized for credit to be routed to his brother, Max Warburg, by way of Stockholm to M.M. Benton Fndtn, chairman of board Jewish Theological Seminary, acquired George F. Peabody award; Paul G. Rogers, Congressman from Florida, now companion the influential Washington regulation firm Hogan & Hartson; Dennis Stanfill, Rhodes Scholar, chairman 20th century fund, was with Lehman Bros., now treasurer Times Mirror Corp. Carnegie Corp., director American Council on Germany; Don W. Seldin, who was chief of medical providers at Parkland Hospital Dallas when the physique of Kennedy was introduced in; and George W. Weyerhauser, director SoCal, Boeing, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, member of the lumber family. John Hamill, creator of “The Strange Career of Herbert Hoover” states that Emile Francqui, director of Societe Generale, a Jesuit bank, opened an office in his bank as the Nationwide Relief and Food Committee, with a letter of authorization from the German Gov. Amalgamated Clothes Workers Union since 1962, Deliberate Parenthood, ACLU, A. Philip Randolph Institute, Sidney Hillman Foundation, AFL-CIO, NAACP, Jewish Labor Committee, American Jewish Committee; Steven Muller, born in Hamburg, naturalized 1949, Rhodes Scholar, pres Johns Hopkins Univ., Heart for Worldwide Research, CSX Corp., vice chairman Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond; John L. Siegenthaler, writer Nashville Tennessean; Richard C. Steadman, associate J.H.

The primary president of Markle Foundation was Frank C. Vanderlip, member of the Jekyll Island team which wrote the Federal Reserve Act in 1910. Lloyd N. Morrissette is now president; he has been vice pres. Wilbur served as director of the Rockefeller Foundation 1923-40, and Common Schooling Board, 1930-40. His nephew and successor as president at Stanford, Richard Lyman, is now president of the Rockefeller Foundation. This was the core of the American Commission to Negotiate Peace at Versailles which wrote the Peace Treaty. Shotwell organized the International Labor Conference, and joined the Carnegie Endowment in 1924. In 1941, Shotwell led a Committee which demanded the release of Communist Party leader Earl Browder. London 1969-70; he had beforehand served as judge advocate normal USAF 1952-54. Hughes is director of German Marshall Fund, USAF Academy, Ditchley Foundation, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton, Social Sciences Foundation, Hubert Humphrey Institute Public Affairs; directors of CEIP are Larry Fabian, who directed Bureau of Intelligence State Dept. 1962, resident fellow Brookings Instn 1965-71; Fabian can be director Middle East Institute, Hudson Institute, Institute of Strategic Studies, and Rockefeller Foundation; John Chancellor, vice chmn NBC News, Moscow Correspondent 1960, Voice of America 1966-67; Harding F. Bancroft, a new York legal professional who joined OYA 1941, Lend Lease Administration 1943, served as director UN Affairs Dept. of State 1945-53, is exec.

Secretary of State for Intelligence 1961-69, spec. Whitney Co., intelligence analyst U.S. Hoover was then appointed U.S. Barnes additionally bought the Penobscot Paper Co. for $750,000 in 1919; he occurred to have some additional money available. The art scene is dominated by the new York artwork dealers, who in flip are dominated by the Museum of Modern Art, based and managed by the Rockefeller household. Such is their energy that they can declare empty beer cans or piles of rope or rocks to be Great Art, worth many hundreds of dollars. One in all Hoovers most notable deeds, as Secretary of Commerce, was his award of the Hazeltine radio patents to his accomplice since 1909, Edgar Rickard, a present conservatively estimated to be value at the moment one million dollars.